1. Clean your board COMPLETELY free of wax, residue and dust.
  2. Peel off the backing as you lay it down the center. Start by peeling just the very top of the sheet and stick it to the center of the board. Lift and reposition as needed.
  3. Rub out any air pockets from the center out. Press the sheet into any existing pressure dents.
  4. Get a tight seal on the edges using your fingernail. This is the most important step to prevent peeling. 
  5. Apply basecoat wax until well-defined bumps form on the textured pattern.
  6. Add standard wax. For best results, use temperature-specific wax and add a little more each time you ride.
  7. Go shred in style without slipping!


How long will it stay on?

If applied well using the steps above it should never come off.  Some customers have kept it on for up to a year.  We suggest 2-3 months or whenever your wax gets too old and dirty.

Will it work on a soft top surfboard?

Not really. It may stay on for a few sessions, but most soft tops are too porous and foamy for the vinyl to stay on well. Think of Waxtrak like a huge vinyl sticker. If water or sand get underneath it, it will fall off.

What about a longboard?

The max length is 26" (66cm) so our longboard customers simply piece them together. Waxtrak is easy to cut to match your nose and tail outline.
8' board = order 3 main traks and 1 nosepiece (perfect fit)
9' board = order 4 main traks (4" short of 9')
9.5' board = order 4 main traks and 1 nosepiece (perfect fit)
10' board = order 4 main traks and 1 nosepiece (2" longer than 10', so cut 1 piece)