Long-lasting removable surf wax templates for grippier, lighter, faster, cleaner wax jobs.

For your surfboard, wake surfboard, skimboard, foil and more. Made in San Clemente, CA.

WAXTRAK enhances surf wax application, surf performance, and wax removal, with perfect bumps, unique designs and mess-free removal. Our first product is a patent-pending, removable vinyl sheet designed as the most effective way to apply wax, shape your wax and take off wax. When applied to a clean surfboard deck, it creates a unique tread pattern on your board with ease and precision.

You will never need to use a wax comb again because the raised pattern will not flatten out with use, like a regular wax job. When your wax becomes dirty and ready for a change, simply peel off the vinyl sheet mess-free!

No more wasted time scraping off old wax. Less waxing, more surfing!

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