Long-lasting removable surf wax templates for grippier, lighter, faster, cleaner wax jobs.


How long will it stay on?

If applied well, using these application steps, it should never come off.  Some customers have kept it on for up to a year.  We suggest 2-3 months or whenever your wax gets too old and dirty.

Do you have longboard sizes?

The length of the main size is 26" (66cm) so our longboard customers simply piece them together. WAXTRAK is also easy to cut, to match your nose and tail outline. Be sure to see our sizing guide.

Do you have a wake surfboard size?

The Tapered traks are 21" (53cm) long and will work well for our wake customers. 

Will it work on a soft top surfboard?

Not really. It may stay on for a few sessions, but most soft tops are too porous and foamy for the vinyl to stay on well. Think of WAXTRAK like a huge vinyl sticker. If water or sand get underneath it, it will fall off.

Will it give me a rash if I surf shirtless?

We have lots of customers in Hawaii and other warm-water areas. As long as you completely cover WAXTRAK with wax it won't give you a rash.

Where is it made?

We source our materials from California vendors, and then print, cut, and perforate all the sheets in San Clemente, CA.

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WAXTRAK enhances surf wax application, surf performance, and wax removal, with perfect bumps, unique designs and mess-free removal. Our first product is a patent-pending, removable vinyl sheet designed as the most effective way to apply wax, shape your wax and take off wax. It creates a unique tread pattern on your board with ease and precision. You will never need to use a wax comb again because the raised pattern will not flatten out with use, like a regular wax job. When your wax becomes dirty and ready for a change, simply peel off the vinyl sheet mess-free! No more wasted time scraping off old wax. Less waxing, more surfing!