Nomad Nosepiece
Nomad Nosepiece
Nomad Nosepiece
Nomad Nosepiece

Nomad Nosepiece

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100% recyclable vinyl decal with texture, engineered to guide your wax into the perfect pattern, resulting in optimum traction while surfing.

- The Nomad WaxTrak Nosepiece is designed to add some length to your Nomad Waxtrak. The WaxTrak nose piece will help you keep your board on your feet through your airs!

-Can also be used as a tail piece if you don't have a traction pad.

- The Nomad WaxTrak is a great wax pattern for surfers who like to feel prominent bumps below their feet. A tried and tested pattern to keep you on your board.

Size: 18" Long. At narrowest: 5", At widest: 13".


- Provides incomparable traction while you surf! WaxTrak will give your wax job bumps you have never even dreamed possible.

- 100% Recyclable! 

- Used with wax! WaxTrak does not eliminate wax from your board, it simply enhances your wax job!

- Saves you hours spent stripping and applying wax. More time in the water!

- Keeps your wax in a traction based pattern.  No smudging or smearing wax.

- Perforated to prevent air bubbles from getting trapped under your WaxTrak.

- Waterproof! Will not come off your board in the water.


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