Frequently Asked Questions

How does WAXTRAK work and what is it’s purpose?

WAXTRAK is a light-weight vinyl sheet with removable adhesive backing that has a raised, textured pattern on it. The raised, textured pattern grabs the hard base-coat wax causing the wax to build-up more in those areas giving shape and design to your wax job that improves performance, won’t flatten out over time, and looks cool on your board! It is easy and predictable to get a perfect wax job every time. When your wax is old and dirty, WAXTRAK can be peeled off your board making it not only easier, but also less messy and damaging to your board to clean off your old wax.

Do you have to put wax on top of WAXTRAK?

Yes, WAXTRAK is a light-weight vinyl sheet that is designed to go under the wax to give it shape and make it easier to remove the wax when it’s old and dirty. WAXTRAK is not intended to be used for traction by itself or to replace wax. WAXTRAK does not come with wax pre-applied.

What types of wax can be used with WAXTRAK?

You can use any brand of surf wax. For best results, apply a generous layer of base-coat or hard tropical wax over the WAXTRAK first until the pattern is well established with large, defined bumps. Use long strokes with gentle, light pressure as pressing hard when applying base-coat tends to flatten out the bumps. Finally, apply a thin layer of top-coat or softer wax according to your local water temperature.

How long does the WAXTRAK last? Should I replace the WAXTRAK before every session?

WAXTRAK is intended to last for several months or more depending on how often you surf. It really only needs to be replaced when your wax is dirty and old and needing to be changed. Leaving WAXTRAK on for extended periods of time may reduce the ease of removal. You can apply a fresh layer of top-coat surf wax before every session for best traction, but it is not necessary to replace the WAXTRAK every time you surf.

Can WAXTRAK go over other stickers? Does the board have to be clean before you put on WAXTRAK?

WAXTRAK can be applied over the top of other stickers already on the surfboard and should come off without peeling off the other stickers. It is important to completely remove all old wax and dust before applying WAXTRAK. Using the hard plastic straight edge provided to firmly and completely press down all the smooth edges of the WAXTRAK, especially when overlapping other stickers, is important for creating a water-tight seal.

Does WAXTRAK leave adhesive on the board when you take it off?

No! WAXTRAK is designed to make changing your old wax easier. If you have left your WAXTRAK on for an extended period, you may need a thin blade to get under the vinyl to assist in peeling it off. You may need to peel slowly and carefully so it doesn’t rip, but WAXTRAK will come off completely clean leaving nothing behind.

How do you prevent air bubbles from getting trapped under the WAXTRAK?

WAXTRAK is micro-perforated during production so it should go on bubble free. If there are bubbles, just push them toward the nearest perforation with your fingers to allow the air to escape. WAXTRAK can be lifted and repositioned during application if needed to smooth out any wrinkles that may occur from improper placement.

Can I use WAXTRAK on a longboard, bodyboard, SUP or any other type of board?

WAXTRAK currently fits a traditional short board shape best, but can be placed on a longboard, fun-board, SUP etc. as long as it is made of hard resin or epoxy. WAXTRAK will not stick to a soft surfboard or bodyboard. Soon, WAXTRAK will be available in shapes that fit a longboard, fish, fun-board, SUP or skimboard.

Can I use scissors to trim my WAXTRAK to better fit my board?

Yes! You can modify the shape of your WAXTRAK with scissors, but best results are achieved when smooth outer sealing margins are left intact.

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