Our Story

With over fifty years of combined surfing experience, we get it. The rush we get when using a new board for the first time. The satisfaction of a killer wax job. The ease of hitting the water without any extra hassle. The feeling of our toes gripping our board. The crazy good feeling after a long surf session.

We have decided there is a better way to get there. After countless hours and mess, broken blow-dryers and tools, wax covering our garage floor and driveway, paint jobs scraped up…burned grass…an idea came to us. WAXTRAK creates a mess free, easy way to get wax on and off our boards, keep the bumps and amp up our style all at the same time.

We have continued developing our products and we have some exciting and innovative features that we will release within the year. You will see high performance shape and creative ways to personalize your boards.

Our hope is that as we elevate the art of surfing through continuous research and development, you will continue to feel our passion for the surfers’ lifestyle.

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