Waves 4 Water

We support Waves for Water because we also believe that every person should have access to clean water. Our ongoing support toward this effort will grow with time and as our company grows, we will find more ways to help by donating funds for water filters, volunteering our time to educate the public and delivering water filter systems to areas of the world that need clean water.

The Hope Alliance

Serving the world population in ways that heal and lift spirits is paramount in our family. After spending time giving our help to others with what resources we have, we have committed to a trip to Guatemala for May 2015. We will provide dental services, build a nursing and care facility for young and old, paint a large wall mural and help educate the local population on nutrition, food and water safety. We will update everyone on our efforts and progress.

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.)

Every child deserves to feel safe. OUR has tirelessly dedicated themselves to this mission. We support their efforts by helping organize local events that raise awareness and funds for missions that rescue children from slavery. This is a global issue that merits our attention. We have witnessed firsthand the true joy that comes when children are freed from oppression and despair and given their freedom again.

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